Choose the “Driver” registration option ”


User will choose the “Driver” registration option from the 3 options of “Driver, Individual Employer & Corporate Employer”

User will fill their details (Please note that a phone number is compulsory and registered to one user).

a. Phone Number compulsory for Driver registration.

b. Email address compulsory for Individual & Corporate Employers registration.

c. Corporate Employers must upload company logo..

Scan Drivers License

Make Payment before scan


User has to enter debit or credit card details to pay for drivers license scans.

User will be prompted to scan front & back of drivers license then including the users face using the front facing camera of mobile phone.

Scan , Verify & Save License


After the 3 scan process a match will be compared with the face on drivers license and the selfie shot of the live face for drivers and work ID for employers.

During this period, the uploading message will be up for 5 to 75 seconds depending on the Internet connection speeds.

After a successful facial match, Driver is now considered verified and can search and advertise themselves for employment if they wish.

Add a Driver (Corporate Employers)


When an Employer wants to add a driver to his fleet, Corporate Employers can add an unlimited amount of drivers to their profile.
Corporate Employer will click the “Add Driver” feature then driver will get a notification on his phone Global Drivers app to be added by employer’s profile which gives employer access to rate driver on his profile.
Employers can equally disengage driver by clicking button on screen.
Employers can also leave comments on drivers profile.

“Advertise Yourself”


Drivers can choose to advertise themselves in the search marketplace to be viewed by employers. This can be done with clicking the “Advertise Yourself” button on their profile.

Registered users can also search by drivers License numbers or buy uploading passport pictures of applicants to access “Global Wanted List” of drivers reported to local law enforcement for criminal activities